"For over 15 years Affinity Tile Designs have used moisture detection equipment from Tramex, the quality of the equipment is second to none and it certainly helps us to do our day to day jobs more efficiently."

David Wallace
Affinity Tile Designs




" I have been undertaking building defect and moisture investigation for over 25 years and as an industry recognised expert have been involved with many international disaster and training projects where accurate measurement has been a major issue in cost and time with regard damage recovery. As an expert witness in water and mould damage I am often asked to assess other experts reports and invariably they lose credibility from poor measurement techniques where they use simple pin conductive meters. I am writing as an established user of Tramex to say that the new range of meters and their capabilities are superior to any meter I have seen anywhere in the world and to say they are professional instruments is a possible understatement. They are known to be accurate and reliable but the new design has added robust engineering too. 

Well done Tramex. " 

Jeff Charlton 
Building Forensics


We recently went through a serious water damage to our home which resulted in serious mold situation. We noticed that even mold remediation used this quality when detecting moisture in the walls and in the floors. When searching for a rental house, this helped us screen out rentals with water/moisture issues. The only tricky part of it is when assessing concrete areas but other than that, it is an excellent tool to have and I think everyone should own one!

L. Flohr, USA

Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus
"Easy to use and understand. Has a new Hold button so you can put the meter under something where you can't see the face of the meter. Push the hold button and the reading doesn't change when you take it off the surface. Push Hold again to release the reading. I have earlier versions, that I paid twice as much for, and like this one better."

Frank, Seattle.
High quality non destructive moisture meter...
"High quality, easy to use, accurate. Made in Ireland. Great tool for any home owner or inspector to root out moisture problems (usually the roof area...) and aid in proper repairs. Very handy and simple to use. I remodel homes and it's proven invaluable in showing home owners where their moisture problems are coming from and visible evidence as to repairs needed. Great for boat (weak transom areas...) and wood inspections as well. If you are a wood worker it's invaluable in grading out pieces of wood to use in your work as well."
Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus
"This non-destructive moisture meter is a great way to test surfaces that appear to be wet and locate water sources causing damage"
Kenneth W. Ludwig,